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You are a photographer and you want to start selling your photos on photostock.lu ?

The requirements are very simple:

  • You have agreed to our terms of service

  • The media you provide is fulfilling the minimum quality criteria

Required photo criteria

Photo requirements

Please export as jpg, resolution should be 300 dpi and the file should have in between 3-8 MB.

Meta description and mapping

Tags / Keyword Tags:

They must be simple words -> e.g. summer, sunlight, sunset, red, orange, waterfall, city

Make sure to leave a comma after each word and tag as many words as possible. The more tags you enter, the more likely your photo will show up in a search engine.

ALSO please verify that your word always starts with a lowercase letter -> e.g. summer


Give your photo a title. A few words, a simple name is best.


Describe what is on the photo. Give a simple description, include the date/month of the photo and make sure to mention your name.

E.g. -> Schiessentümpel waterfall in Müllerthal, it has been the symbol of the Müllerthal Region, Luxembourg's Little Switzerland since 1879. December 2018, Creator: Anne Lommel


Make sure to enter 1-3 of the following categories, written correctly and exactly as mentioned (pay attention to capital letters):

  1. Nature & Landscape
  2. City & Architecture
  3. Business & Industry
  4. Aerial
  5. Black & White
  6. People
  7. Culture
  8. Food & Drinks
  9. Sport
  10. Lifestyle
Additional information:

Make sure you turn on your GPS in your camera, so the data can be used to track down your photo and it can show up on a map on Photostock.lu in a very close future.

Contact us to get started